What Happens When Foster Kids Age Out of the System?


GREENSBORO, N.C. (February 3, 2015) — What happens to the kids that age out of the foster care program without finding that perfect home to be a part of? Hard to believe that there are hundreds of kids in that very situation right here in Guilford County.

But that’s where the Youth Villages Program comes in.

Tara Ward, Regional Supervisor of Youth Villages North Carolina knows first hand how bad this problem is with the foster care system. Elizabeth Phillips runs the Phillips Foundation and is doing something about the issue through her foundation and these two recently stopped by The Good Morning Show with a solution.

The Phillips Foundation is giving a grant of more than $860,000 to the Youth Villages program to provide transitional living services for every youth exiting the foster care system in Guilford County. It impacts more than 300 teenagers and will likely save the county millions of dollars in social costs such as jail, probation, etc.


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